Celebun Welfare: Companionship

Rabbit Awareness Week reporting by Dr Delores

Contrary to popular belief, lagomorphs are social animals who need a bunny companion. No offence darling, but a guinea pig won’t do… Not only are our diets incompatible, they are also poor conversationalists. And as lovely as waiters and waitresses can be, nothing compares to a fellow bun to snuggle up to.

In my ten years on this planet I’ve spent four in a rescue. The thing that kept me going all those years was the huge number of fellow buns keeping me company, which in itself is very cynical.

For the last three years I’ve been married to Bink, and they are the happiest of my life. We cuddle, we chase, we share a carrot (me a little extra), we lounge about. We talk to Katrijn or Haas, we dig a tunnel or engage in some bunstruction. We play, we discover, we bicker and we make up, we groom and we kiss, we race and we cheat at football. We keep each other warm in winter when we entertain each other during the dark days with toys and frolics in the snow.

I panic when I can’t find my Bink and I pine for him when one of us has to stay at the vet’s. Bink is afraid of the dark and loud noises when I’m not around. He cries for me and withdraws into his own internal world when he’s alone in the hutch without me. When his beloved Spoon died, he nearly died of grief himself.

I wouldn’t be without my Bink.

Why do we need a Rabbit Awareness Week in the UK? Read about the shocking truth in our quality sister paper, The Guardian.

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