Cat fight

So I get to the Lanvin counter to get your Leaf Pochette, right, and I’m not being funny or anything, but there is this great big throng of waitresses all pushing and shoving to get to the bags, and they’re all going for the Leaf Pochette! I mean, not a single one was interested in anything else on offer… So I tap one of them on the calf and I ask what’s going on, and she says, it was in the Bunnington Post, the Leaf Pochette is the it bag of the season. And she turns around and starts pulling this waitress’s hair and shouts, No pushing in, bitch!

So I jump on the counter, right, and I go, excuse me, at the waitress behind it, I need a Leaf Pochette please. And you know what she says? Take a number and join the queue! I mean, the cheek! Here I am on your errand, and they didn’t even recognise me, what kind of an outfit is Harrods these days?! With a clientele like that, honestly, waitresses these days, no style whatsoever!

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