Back from the dead

Yes, you’ve read that right. I have not at all been well, my dear, dear fans. Thank you so much for the wonderful messages and wishes, which were surely what dragged me through the ordeal of going off my food for almost three hours last Thursday. I know, a very narrow escape, but now that I am well again, I can relate the dreadful events without getting too upset.

Many a complaint has passed my whiskers about the slowness of the breakfast and dinner service in this place, but when I am on the brink of death the waiter does spot this immediately. I was swept away in a flurry of activity, flashing lights and screaming sirens to be taken to the intensive care unit for treatment. There I was given medication and tummy rubs, and I took a few tentative bites of food.

The next morning, having produced some physical evidence of the insides still working, I still felt I should not gorge on anything other than a bit of broccoli. More meds and that hated of meals, Critical Care were forcibly administered. I decided to take up residence under the sofa to make my displeasure known.

The main problem with this was that the broccoli-and-pellets supply was just out of reach.

In the end they decided that Bink was suffering too much under my absence and I returned to the mansion where he showered me with his affection. That, and a romantic, starry night was all I needed to be restored to my glorious, robust self. Bless my Bink. He’d valiantly eaten my half of hay while I was away to keep his spirits up! So proud…

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