He’s fibbing!

You do know he’s fibbing, right? Tell me about Bink. Shivering in his bed on Tuesday morning, not eating, bah, humbug! He was cuddled up to me and my substantial fur until he heard the back door open for the breakfast service. Spent all night complaining about being too old to be outside in winter, wanting to be a houserabbit and all that… Waited for breakfast time, then ran into his corner and put on his most miserable face. Only when they weren’t looking he chomped his way through an entire leaf of spring greens of course. Can’t believe they fell for it. Bit harder to keep up the pretence when it’s just you in the conservatory, eh Bink?!

Let me ask you this: who ate that carrot, Bink?! ‘cuz it wasn’t me…

Think there’s space for two in this place? Kinda like that soft cushion arrangement, and the room service ain’t half bad either.

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