The finer points of hay

Well, good morning. Let’s have the morning veggies, yes, please serve them in the upstairs breakfast room, thank you.

Of course, no breakfast is complete without hay. In fact, one much prefers a good quality hay to a questionable carrot.

Let us consider the many benefits of hay. One can choose to stick one’s head underneath it and toss a nice fluffy clump of it around at one’s discretion. Very entertaining and rather pleasant sensations around the ears in particular.

Then there is the gathering and pushing the hay into desired corners and shapes for interior design purposes. Never was a more versatile material deployed in the rabbit hutch over centuries than our favourite hay. A bun could not wish for a softer, more elegant bed than one lined with hay and delicately scented with the odd nugget of joy.

But the noblest use of hay has to be of course the culinary application of this delicacy. In my professional opinion, only the dandelion beats hay in the taste stakes. I will swap you a firm, fresh parsnip for a handful of the good stuff, for its nutritional qualities and its weight-to-fullness ratio are such that one can stuff one’s furry face with it all day without pause, and still want more.

Hay is happiness, hay is heaven! All hail hay!

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