A new dress

Oooh Bink, look! A bag from one of my favourite shops… I so love continental fashion. Surely she has bought me a new frock? I am sure of it!

Ooh, this is too much. It’s been way too long since I had a new dress! Bink, be a dear, have a look for me, I can’t bear it! Go on…

Please, please let it be camel!

What?! Empty?!? Move over. Let me see… There is no way this bag does not have a new frock in it.

Oh no it’s not… This is not happening. This is very much not happening! I am telling you that this is not happening, because it has been SIX seasons since I have had a new frock.

That is correct. I have not had a new frock since last Spring. Yes, I hear your gasps of horror, reader!

To be continued, believe me.

It ain’t over ’til the fat bun wears Prada!


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