Superinjunction no more

Max darling, it’s me. Yes, we’re fine, thank you, bit damp but the grass is still tasty enough.

Listen honey, I had a word with my Bink, and he talked to Katrijn who consulted with Haas, and we’re all of the same opinion on this one: we don’t like the new superinjunction after all.

I know… Yes I do know they do not grow on trees.

We did appreciate your getting one for us, we don’t want you to think you’re not appreciated… Don’t take it the wrong way darling, it was marvellous. You‘re marvellous!

Yes, I do know the implications can be serious. But the truth is, it’s just so boring not having any paps snooping around! You know how I like a fuss, you know how Haas needs an audience, you know how vain Katrijn is…

Ok hunnibunch, I’ll ring SamCam now to see if she can’t get rid of that stylist and take me back. It was only ever going to be temporary anyway.

… Yes… Hm…

I’ll make it up to you soon. Take you out for dinner somewhere nice, OK? I know how you like to be seen in public with me… Mwah mwah darling!

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