Dear Editor: Ancestry

Dear Editor,

I am so excited about finding my cousin Katrijn in the pages of the Bunnington Post. Katrijn, your mother’s mother was from Brackley originally before she moved to Bicester where you were born, and the Brackley clan had moved there from Kettering in 2006. That was because your great-great-grandfather had walked out on your great-great- grandmother and her kits and your great-great-grandmother decided it was time tunnel south. The split wasn’t amicable, the family spirit gets heated when parsnips come into the equation and he decided one day that enough was enough. Your great-great-grandfather dug to Nottingham where he started a new clan with my great-great-grandmother (your step-great-great-grandmother) and the rest is history!

Fascinating stuff you know, family trees. It’s hard when you’re down in the archives at your local registry office doing your research, it takes a lot of discipline not to pick up the books between your teeth and toss them around for a bit of fun. Those old books are not like the Yellow Pages, they are not a redundant relic from the past to be destroyed as a toy! But anyway, I found you and glad of it I am too. Come and visit me and the darling wife Miss Eve in Nottingham any time you like and we’ll show you your entire family tree. It’s somewhere in Nottingham Forest they say…

Affectionate nose bumps,

Cousin Neville

With grateful thanks to YowlYY for the portrait of Cousin Neville

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