Pipe memory test

Bink Bink, come quickly, it’s a pipe test!

I am sure we remember which is which, yes?

This one is for going in.

Yep, I was right, it goes in. Just as I thought. You coming Bink?

In here!

Ooh, Bink! It’s really quite an agreeable box!

Hmm… We could put the poo-poo tray here and the food bowl over there by the window, what do you think Delores?

Aaaah! No! That’s the one for going in, not the one for going out, this here is the one for going out! Delores my love, are you confused because it’s a prefab tunnel?

Sorry Bink, I got all distracted by the thought of redecorating… Do you reckon we failed the test now?

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