Dear Editor

Dear Editor,

How terribly upsetting to read about Bink’s misfortune with his intergalactic purchase of a Cloaking Device.  What on Earth is happening with good old fashioned customer service?

Freckles and I order our own Cloaking Anti Matter each winter and it’s fair to say that it’s hit and miss whether the purchase materialises at all, when, and how much of it.  We always use Track Order but this service has proved to be very unreliable indeed.

Our biggest complaint however is about quality: for some reason we’ve never been able to hold on to our supply of Cloaking Anti Matter beyond March.  Very disappointing.

We hope that Bink will get Bunnifrey to send a timely replacement or a refund.  Failing that, perhaps us lagopmorphs should get organised and demand better service by sending letters of complaint en masse?


Prof. Flint and Dr Freckles

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