Coffee and Marmalade send a present

Say, Coffee dear, isn’t it time we sent our good friends Haas and Katrijn and Delores and Bink some goodies from the allotment?  The cauliflower is especially good this month.  After all, they sent us another football with treats today!

Oooh yes, I luuuurve treats and especially, sticking the ball under the hutch where I can’t get to it and then I can get all excited and start scratching and make holes until she comes and she fetches it and that ruins it a bit except that she usually fills it again and then we can chase it again and I get it stuck under the hutch which is my favourite spot in the garden except when I am climbing up on top of the wood pile but I can’t do that anymore because they’ve Coffee-proofed it which I’m going to have to do something about but maybe later

– what is is Marmalade, am I talking too much, shall I go into my box for a bit?

Say Marmie, we certainly have as cosy a hutch as our friends eh? How brilliant that they sorted out having our own one built!

Quite, Coffee… I am glad we upgraded to the brass finishings in keeping with our exceedingly good breeding.

Shall we peruse the allotment with a view to selecting some of our tastiest morsels?

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