Cloaking Device

Ah, finally, my new Cloaking Device has been delivered. About time too, the mud season is way behind us, and I have been rumbled on more occasions than I care to remember.  That’s the problem with living on Earth, delivery times from Bunnifrey are simply outrageous.

Now, let’s check out the facilities.  Hmm. Pretty sure I ordered the green, though I must say I don’t mind the burgundy. I’m not going to send it back for that, I don’t think.

Extra height back wall.  Good. Paid extra for that, so at least they got that bit right.

Capacity seems fine too – about fifteen hundred gallons of Cloaking Anti Matter.

Hang on. Wait… Something is wrong here… Oh no. Oh no, oh no, oh no oh no nono nonononoooooo! They’ve sent me Winter Cloaking Anti Matter instead of Summer! I so ordered Summer Cloaking Anti Matter to match my summer colouring!

Hello? Customer Services? I need to exchange the Cloaking Anti Matter you’ve sent me. No, I didn’t order Winter. What? Yes, I’ll hold…

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