I’ll have what she’s having

Lately not been feeling too perky.  My food just doesn’t seem to taste as good.  It’s nothing to do with the service or anything, although I did like the winter menu better than the current summer selection.  More stodgy stuff and more, well, more.  Volume matters you know.

Ooh, funny tummy…  have a lie-down methinks.

They keep popping in to see how I’m doing.  The one thing with being under the weather is that my Genetic Cloaking Ability malfunctions.  I other words, they can see me because I temporarily lose my Invisibility.  Not that I feel very much like Super Hero Bun anyway, right now.

Delores darling, help yourself to my breakfast, it’s OK.  I’m just glad she’s back to her old self.

Oww… Steady now.

Oh, damn, here we go.  Always a bad sign when you’re put in the house to be monitored.  Cosy though.  I’ll have a nice kip now.

What?  Medicine first?  Alright then, I suppose you know what you’re doing.  Delores said it really worked for her.  …slurp… It ain’t so bad tasting really.

Hnnggg… Definitely a bit constipated, I give you that…  Hnnnnnnnnnngggg!

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