No vet required. Honest, guv!

Why do we get dragged off to that horrid vet-man twice in the space of three days?  It’s so unnecessary.  We’re just minding our own business, right?  I feel fine.

Move over, Bink.

You know what?  I feel just fine.  See?  All perky and stuff, engaging with my environment, showing an interest in people and smelly barking dogs alike, nothing lethargic about me.  Seriously, the way you panic when I feel like flopping about my hutch is quite over the top.  But we’ll talk when we get home, it’s OK.

Can we go now?  We should go now if we want to beat traffic on the A34. Gets busy this time of day!

This is highly suspicious and just like last time.  WHERE IS DELORES?! He’s taken her away again, who does he think he is?  This is completely unacceptable.  What if she doesn’t come back?

What if I have to spend a night by myself in the hutch without my wife?


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