Hospital visits

Hm.  I just don’t feel like eating today.  Funny tummy.  I think I’ll just lie in my dark little corner for a bit.  So Bink eats all the food.  See if I care.

What?  Hospital?  That’s not what I bargained for!  Oi!! Lemme go!  Oh, how I loathe cars… and roundabouts…  Oooh, funny tummy…

NASTY DOCTOR!  Squeezing my funny tummy, leave me alone!  Stop sticking things in my mouth.  I floss everyday, alright?  Preferably with mounds of hay, just not today.  So I don’t feel like eating, what’s it to you anyway?  Get. That. Stethoscope. Out. Of. My. Face.

There, a good loud thump on that table of his.  Haas is right, he did not like that at all did he, his precious table, ha!  Once more, with lots of sharp nails.  HA!

Needles.  Whatever… I don’t care, just keep your hands off my tummy.  Where is she?  She’s making soothing noises.  Bit late for that isn’t it luvvy, you’re the one who drove me here… We’ll see about that when we get home.

Oi.  Where’s my hutch?  What did you do to Bink?  Where is Bink??  What did you do to Bink?!?

Dark corner, good.  Let them guess how I’m doing, I’m not talking to you anymore.

Smells nice though that fresh grass. It’s got to be said, whatever happens, the service in this place is always uninterrupted.

They can’t see me anyway.  Can they?  Just a little bite then… Nice one.  Good year for grass, 2010.

Is that a dandelion?

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