Pompompom, I do like a bit of pipe action, yes I do.  You never know, you might find something to eat halfway down, or on the other side. Always worth investigating, right?

What’s that sniffing my arse?  Can’t see a thing.  Hard work you know, living with a Secret Invisible Super Bun, or whatever breed he is.  All of a sudden you get a shove while reporting for duty at the food bowl, and your food starts disappearing into thin air right in front of you, accompanied by loud sniffing and scrunching sounds.  I’ll never get used to that one.

Anyways.  Time to go back. Ho!  What’s that? Can’t get through. Eh! It’s him, surely.  It’s soft and furry and invisible and it’s blocking the exit. Broccoli-breath.  That’ll be Bink alright.


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