Delores vs Coffee: the woodchips are down

Who are you?

More to the point, who are you, and what are you doing in my garden?! And stop staring at my fella, he’s mine.

Well, excuse me, fatso, as if I ain’t got a fella of my own to concern myself with.  It’s not as if he’s anything much to look at, I mean, you can barely tell him apart from the mud, frankly.

Oh, really. Fatso. Really? And when was the last time you checked in with a mirror?  Hm?  I mean, look at the size of that dewlap… Don’t think that people can’t see that bulge underneath all that glossy fur young lady!

Yeah alright sister, no need to get all stroppy.  I was just asking… Nice garden you got here.  Love what you’ve done with the lawn.

Why, thank you, I’m glad at least someone shows some appreciation around here.  Love your nose-stripe… Who’s your stylist?

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