In which Bink reveals his true self

Bink, the Silent Secret Super Hero (SSSH) used the cover of darkness to shadow Delores as she moved around the hutch in search of food.  He knew she had a strong instinct to hunt down the treasure, which was what he was of course after himself.  You had to know these things, and knowledge came with years of experience.

He kept to the dark corners of the hutch.  Right next to the poo-poo tray was his favourite spot: from here he had a good view of the trapdoor to the downstairs level as well as of anyone approaching the hutch from the south.  His dark brown fur provided adequate cover for tonight’s delicate task.

Wait… Delores seemed to have spotted something.  Quietly, Bink moved forward, careful not to disturb the hay and give away his presence. What is it she is eating, he thought to himself.  It had been hours since breakfast, had he overlooked a piece of parsnip perhaps?

False alarm.  From his extensive surveillance he had learned she liked to nuzzle around the hay for no apparent reason.  Or perhaps because she had already eaten all the food but couldn’t quite believe it.

A sudden disturbance outside the hutch startled Bink, where did this food come from all of a sudden? Delores being cuddled and petted, where’s my share?  Nose rub, must have nose rub.  Food, food? Where is the food?  She’s got a mouthful, where’s mine?  Nose rub.  Don’t touch my ears.  Shake head in irritation.

Food, there’s the food.  Jump over Delores. Push her aside.  Easier said than done but there are pellets at stake!  Very nice indeed.  Boy, all this superhero stuff is hungry work. Maybe another nose rub while eating dinner?

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