Marmalade and Coffee try the humble parsnip

“Psssssst, Marm!  Marmalade!  Marmie!! Do you have one of those white things, looks like carrot, smells not like carrot? ”

Marmalade got up from his hothot and jumped down to the lounge, where breakfast had been served.  It looked like a good selection, although he did not care much for the random manner the treats had been laid out.  With a practised flick of the head he threw aside a piece of spring greens that was lying on top of a piece of carrot.  Tsk, tsk.

Let’s see, white, looks like carrot, smells not like carrot.  Here we are!

Marmalade spotted the parsnip straightaway.  A very nice specimen it was too.  A quick hoover over the food bowl informed Marmalade there would be no carrot shortage today.

He sank his teeth into the parsnip.  He wasn’t much for inter-hutch conversation, Coffee should know this by now.  Not that it mattered.  Breakfast is not for chatty buns, anyway.

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