Goodbye, dear Expresso

Bunnington Post guest editor Expresso, known for his astute observations of human-lagomorph relations and equal rights campaigns in later life, passed away peacefully last month.

Starting out in life as a builder with his own blossoming bunstruction company, Expresso met the recently bereaved Coffee while working on a project, and moved in with her soon after completing the works. Their happy marriage was evident to all who met them, including Latte who became a lodger to help out with the bills after Coffee persuaded him to retire.

After Coffee’s tragic illness and death in May 2015, Expresso was inconsolable. His best friend Latte never left his side and supported him throughout those difficult first days and weeks.

Soon, romance blossomed between Latte and Expresso and Expresso proposed. A small private ceremony was held with the press only catching on months later, when Expresso wrote a piece in the Guardian supporting same-sex marriages for lagomorph and campaigning successfully in Westminster. His speech in the House of Lords was the most viewed YouTube video for two weeks, racking up 5.4 million views on its first day.

Expresso died at a private clinic while receiving treatment for a rare eye affliction which he bore courageously until the very end.

He is survived by his husband Latte.



? – 2016

Builder, bunstructor, philosopher and equal rights campaigner

Husband of Coffee (d. 2015)

Deeply adored by husband Latte

Much missed by his adoring waitress and waiter, Deborah and John,

his friends at The Bunnington Post

and all who met him


  1. Expresso proved to us that no pairing was impossible…..he went from being the one year reject at the Blue Cross to being a full time resident at Palace Ottershaw…..with his own tunnel and bench to sit on. We miss you Expresso…..we promise to look after Latte for you. RIP expresso. x

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