Waitress: What do you say?

Bouffe: I am very sorry.

Waitress: about…?

Bouffe: I am very sorry about the broken tea light.


Waitress: and the tea light is broken because…?

Bouffe: The tea light is broken because it fell on the floor


Waitress: How did the tea light fall on the floor?

Bouffe: because I jumped up on the coffee table when I thought you weren’t looking and then on to the stereo because I thought you couldn’t see me and then you came in and I was quickly going to jump off before you saw me and it was really slippery so all the tea lights fell on the floor and now one is broken and I did it and I am very sorry I broke the tea light!


Waitress: and what else happened?

Bouffe: I woke the hamster with the racket I made…


I’m really sorry and I will never do it again!


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