A day out

Mah ‘trijn needed ter ‘ave a lickle cuollity ahtside time yeah, bein’ traumertised by da vet sayin’ she put on a whole pahnd since last July.

4.45kg he said; neva, mah K’trijn said, an’ perceeded ter fluff up ‘er mane in an effor’ ter intermidate da quack. ‘e jus’ grabbed a needle an’ perceeded ter stick i’ in ‘er bum like, Myxermertoses, mah arse.

Anyroad, seein’ as it wos a a plesen’ enuff afternoon yes’erday we wen’ an’ played in da ole country manshiun fer a bi’.

Ye’d fink da paps were cleva enuff no’ ter risk dem ole brass monkey biz, bu’ nah, no amahnt of ‘idin’ in da tent kep’ ’em aht!

Time ter renew da ole frienship wif ahr ma’e Max Clifford, wefinks. Ah ‘ave no sta’emen’ ter make on da allegashiuns dat mah K’trijn ‘as speedin’ poin’s on ‘er licence belongin’ ter a certain energy minista. Off wif ya, pap!


    1. The newsroom says Thank You… We work hard to be so loveable and adorable. Say, is that a leaf of greens I see? Move over, willya, this is an emergency!


  1. Now…IF it was true that Katrijn was 4.45kg (but we think it is just a rumour spread by Hello magazine or something similar to it) it would just be legitimate padding for weather protection. Right? I mean, who with a sane state of mind would do a diet in this weather? Ear rubs all around, and best regards from Cousin Neville.


    1. Katrijn: indeed, it’s vile gossip. Even our normally sanguine vet is falling for the Hello! Magazine conspirary! It’s that waiting room reading, it breeds rumours. Snarf


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