Glad to see our breakfast service has not been affected by the public sector strike. That would have been too … More

Movember fluff

Gentlemen. Yield! I am the fluffiest fluffster: I am Fluffy McFluffin, Maxima Fluffia, Flufflein von Fluffenhofen, Fluff la Douce, I … More

Oi! Leveson

Boov, Boov, ’nuff abaht Boov, yeah? Boov eats carrot. Boov ‘as da snoozies. Boov gets a cuddle from da wai’er. … More

Bouffe who?!

‘e’d be’a be nice ter mah ladeefrien’ Delores, or dah dynamics in dis newsroom will be innerestin’, shall we say. … More

A tight spot

Snarf Ah know Ahm da smalles’ of da Bunnington Post bunch dese days yeah, but even Ah struggle wif da … More

Hard work

Training waitress. Knackered. Plus paparazzi problem.

Bouffe redecorates

Hello doll. Like what you’ve done with the fleece. Do you shred? I like to shred. Then I eat.