Arthur come home

It’s that waiter again. Nice technique. You’ll do. So long, Blue Cross, and thanks for all the carrots. Take me … More


Ahm Haas, ORRITE Stop callin’ me dachshund

Haas ventures out

Yeah. Mereckons Ah cud get up da roof in no time rite, an’ pay may frien’ Delores a visi’. Dusn’ … More


O Arthur, Arthur, wherefore art thou, Arthur?

Back off, pap!

Who’s makin’ fun of mah Katrijn? Who’s printin’ nonsense abaht mah flufflaydee?! Who’s snappin’ piccures of of da mos’ rever’d … More

In a flap

Oooh, I’m in a bit of a flap over my latest mane experiment. I was really trying to grow some … More

It’s complicated

I don’t like being by myself. You don’t have to worry about me, I am being looked after by my … More