My darling Bink

My darling Bink… Look at the state of him! This e.Cuniculi-thingy is twisting him around, and I do not mean in the ’round my little finger’ sense of the phrase. I am very worried.

At first it was quite funny that he would fall over every time I unleashed my vigorous grooming technique on him. He really loves it you know when I have him rocking side-to-side in a steady lick-lick-lick cadence. I will even admit that once or twice I chased him for fun in the garden because he looked so cute stumbling over his own feet!

But look at him now… My poor darling Bink is unable to watch any magpie vs squirrel matches on the garden fence this way!

He likes to lay about having cuddles still though. So I just move a little closer and put my nose to his and we just have a comfy snooze together. Quite enjoyable, and I have to say, I don’t mind being a bit lazy these days.

He’s still my lovely, cheeky Bink though! Yep, nothing wrong with his appetite at all – just a new snaffle technique, that’s all… As evidenced by his daily attacking of our special muesli treat!

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