Dear Editor: Inma’s Vintage Jot Pierce

Dear Haas,

Thanks for your advice. I set out to take care of all the proper arrangements for a romantic tête-a-tête with Hare without delay. No time to waste. What do you think? Will this meet Hare’s expectations? It has a certain homely feel, don’t you think?

I understand crow’s nests are usually located in higher places, but I think that would disturb the intimacy of moon watching and – howling and would ruin any opportunity to the occasional cuddle. Notice the subtle placement of the egg-boxes, as well as the wooden sticks. Not to mention the bunny/hare that my waitress (who jokingly calls herself my owner) bought for me, to make Hare feel more welcome.

I have to confess that the egg-boxes might be gone by now. I might have buried them. And I might have made a stick or two, three disappear. In fact, I might have buried everything, including bunny/hare… But instead I could throw in a few plastic plant containers to embellish the scene and promise not to bury them on the spot.

As to my name: Hare will be glad to hear about my impeccable background. My full name and title: Dutch Show Champion Inma’s Vintage Jot Pierce, winner 2003. I was named after my waitress’ great-great-grandfather, Jot, son of Pier. We go back to Greate Pier, self-proclaimed King of The Frisians/Pirate King. I’m rather proud of my name. I Hope it won’t scare off Hare.

Looking forward to your comment.

Yours truly,

Inma’s Vintage Jot Pierce

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