Haas in hiding

He’s done a runner again. Bet he’s bingeing on some grass he doesn’t want to share with me! I can … More

Bink’s tilt

Dear friends! Many thanks for your kind wishes. I am well. A bit dizzy… Of course caused by being dragged … More

Finished the grass…

Weakling grass! Grows too slow for celebuns living in the fast lane. Gimme hay any day!

The TMF Munch Scale

Our roving reporter, Mitzi, has sent in some pre-approved treats for us to enjoy. She sent us the following report: … More

A bum spa

In my quest to lead the field in bum pampering, your intrepid reporter, moi, will stop at nothing to test … More

Looting gently along

Yeah. We’re ‘ere abaht da lootin’? Ah didn’ ge’ da messages ‘n stuff cos me iFone was hacked so Ah’ve … More


Ouch!! Pe’al, gizza gen’le shove up da backside, dere’s a good fluffbum, Ah fink me tail’s stuck in da bars … More