Haas Consultancy Ltd

Orrite Jot, Fanks fer ge’in’ in touch. I ‘ave received yer le’er wiv in’erest. It seems yew ‘ave quite a … More

Dear Editor: Jot

Dear Editor, Is Haas available for executive coaching, and if so, what are his rates? I am a struggling dog … More

I want to be alone

I don’t want to leave my hutch. Go away, waiter! What do you mean, I’m not entertaining you today? I … More

Who is this?

Yep, indeed. It’s… … … … … Bink the Boozer!

Clear the airwaves

Yes, so I’m barely off the phone to a bawling James fearing for his inheritance and it’s Rupert phoning for … More

Phone Hacking

Dis ‘ere is me gorgeous wife, rite. Ah know she needs pretectin’ cos of ‘er voicemail bein’ ‘acked into by … More


Another day in the office

Weighty news

Oh, evil day! Once again we were dragged off to the vet’s on a perfectly good play-outside-all-day day to be … More


These are for later. Bink’s favourite chew toy, neatly arranged for immediate deployment. I happen to think being a home … More

Bottae Beautician

Yesterday it was time for an emergency appointment with my Bottae Beautician for some long overdue shapely arse pampering. I’d … More