Artsy fartsy Anton

Much as Ah like da man, Anton does go overboard sumwha’ on da art of takin’ mah piccure mereckons. Ah … More


Have them cleaned and brought to my hutch!

Photo shoot

Oooh, I do secretly enjoy these periodical shoots to update my portfolio. Keep the fans happy. And it’s always so … More

Easter? So 2010…

Oh, it’s that yearly Cadbury’s marketing bonanza again, here we go with all the inane Easter Bunny questions again: 1. … More

Da man

Hey baby… scratch my nose!

Secret stash

Hmmm, I quite feel like having that secret stash of spare food now. Cleverly hidden in our football… Damn. She … More

Cat fight

So I get to the Lanvin counter to get your Leaf Pochette, right, and I’m not being funny or anything, … More


Hmm? Bink… What you doin… Snarf I’ll tidy up later…