Battle tank forward!

Huh? Oh. Outta pe’rol. Can” afford i’ anymore dem dese days. Dis ole fing does abaht 2 miles to da … More

Cloaking Device 2.0

Haas, what’s this thing? Looks like a cloaking device of some kind. What do you reckon? Defini’ely iffy. It jus’ … More

Haas eats anything

Bi’ o’ grass, nice like Bi’ o’ spring greens, yumm Clovves pins? No fanks.

Poo hoard

No. This is my hoard. I worked hard to build my collection. I’m not sharing it with anyone. Not even … More

Waitress! … Waitress?

‘aven’ seen our waitress all weekend rite, da wife ‘n mesel’ ‘ave been doin’ some finkin’ yeah… We reckon she’s … More

Engineer this!

Haas. Haas! The lift is broken again. See? Doesn’t work. Have to climb the stairs again. Look! Please, can you … More