British mud season

Snarf. Ten months of mud stretching ahead of us. I should invest in some Wellingtons…

A Bink fix

Rite. Mereckons i”s time we sor’ed Bink’s Cloakin’ Device one ‘n fer all. Ah’ve ‘ad enuff a’ lookin’ a’ me … More

Strictly a mess

We need to get some Kaninhop training in. C’mon Haas! Damn. Ah wos ‘avin’ a nice ole time playin’ wif … More

Exposed: sizeist fashion

I’ve had so many responses from readers after my last post exposing the shocking conditions in Britain’s changing rooms, it’s … More

Can’t choose

Oooh, I do find breakfast time sooooo stressful, I mostly can’t cope. It’s the choice you see, too much choice! … More

Trousers up!

My dear fashionista followers and I have been getting very excited about S/S 2011 collections arriving in shops imminently. Begone, … More

Hang on…

Ah. Delores is being collected for her daily massage and cuddle session. Ladies first, and all that. Hang on, oi! … More