King of the Castle

Mmm, I’ll miss this place when we go home. Perhaps they sell replica castles in the hotel shop? Plastic ones, … More

Do I have to?

Haas, come on, you will enjoy going on a field trip. We’ve been lying in the grass all day and … More

Never mind

Castles? Pyramids?! Woteva. Mefinks a week of lyin’ abaht will do dis geezerbun a world of good. Da grass is … More

Spa break

Well, the first year of the Bunnington Post has been a real adventure and very busy indeed! UK politics and … More

Going Postal

What’s that on your backside, Bink? Huh? Oh, that. Stamps. Thought I’d slap a stamp on my arse and go … More

Wedding bells

Haas! Haas! Pass me the iPhone, I need to book a mane appointment to go to Cousin Neville’s wedding! Look … More

Breakfast bafflement

Huh? I can smell breakfast. It’s here somewhere… Lo? can you see our breakfast? Delores has her breakfast. Where’s mine?! … More


Haas, dear. Who were you calling hunnibunch the other day? Err, no-one, dear? Good. I thought so. … Remind me … More

2011’s first style crime

Delores! Delores! Delores!! Getcher shapely arse over ‘ere hunnibunch, an’ take a looky a’ dem dese clogfings ova ‘ere. Wot … More