Dear Editor: Ancestry

Dear Editor, I am so excited about finding my cousin Katrijn in the pages of the Bunnington Post. Katrijn, your … More

Tentative frolick

My poor Delores. She’s clearly feeling under the weather still! She has to stay in the house while she recovers … More

Bye bye tunnel…

Ooh, one last look in the tunnel then. Now that everyone’s safe, we don’t need it anymore. So much work … More

Colonic Irrigation

Well. What can I say? My two-day sojourn in Oxfordshire’s “hottest colonic irrigation clinic” was nowhere near as glamorous as … More

Manners, manners!

Ah love me Katrijn, ah does. She’s fuffy ‘n warm like, wif mane like a fella’s neva before seen. Dere’s … More

Dear Editor: Traction

Dear Editor, Does Delores offer technical support by correspondence? I have a persistent problem with traction during my digging activities … More