It was only yesterday that the sun was shining and I was frolicking in the grass, my mane looking glorious … More

Dave vs Haas

So wot if ahm paid more than da Prime Minister. Bein’ cute comes wif a price tag, orrite. Wot? Dave … More

Birthday Parsley

Parsley!!!! haas, Haas, do we just get some parsley like that?! Nah. Ah reckon it’s some geezer or ova’s birfday. … More

New digs

I am soooo excited about my and Bink’s new love nest… he’s ever so affectionate and cuddly, my Bink, and … More


Wot wos tha’? An urfquake? In Oxfrrrrshire like?? Oh. Ah geddit, it wos Delores sneezin’

Kinda wet, like

Da wife dun’t like i’ none like Says dem rain drops fallin’ an’ suchlike messes up da ole mane Ah … More


Anything Chilean miners can do Delores can do better

The long trousers

Still not quite convinced that Haas wears the trousers around here. I don’t really feel like investing in any Techno … More

It wasn’t me

Who made that mess? I had nothing to do with this. Not my doing. You know better than to accuse … More